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Who We Are

The story of KEARA is not just one of a new accessories brand. It is one of entrepreneurship, empowerment of communities, global fashion dialogue, and progress in sustainability.

KEARA is a globally-influenced brand, that aims at bridging cultures through fashion. Our brand represents a world beyond borders. All our bags and accessories are 100% made in Senegal, West Africa, by talented Senegalese artisans.  

KEARA is a mix of cultures and traditions

Our Bolivian fabrics celebrate women's efforts to preserve millinery textile traditions proper of the Andes region of South America, and we are using them to create functional and fashionable accessories that can be used on a daily basis. 


Our artisans in Senegal, have inherited their skills from one generation to another, and work to preserve them by passing their craftsmanship to younger fellow artisans. They work with passion and take pride in producing high end leather goods that are 100% made in Senegal


 Mbaye, our senior Artisan working on our YARA handbag.

By blending the different cultures that reflect a connected world, KEARA is more relevant now than ever.

We source the finest leather and hardware to create a high-end product that will last for years. By doing it so, we are setting a standard on the leather sector in Senegal, and being a part of the emerging African luxury goods market.