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We ship worldwide! Free shipping over a purchase of 150 USD to the US & CANADA

About Shipping

Our products are 100% made in Senegal. This is why we have figured out the best way to ship in a secure and easy fashion. Here are some things you should know about our shipping process:
  • We offer free shipping to France.
  • We also offer free shipping to the US, Canada and Europe for purchases over 100 USD, as well as flexible rates for minor orders, depending on the weight of the items. For instance, if the item weights 1 kg you will pay 5,99 USD, if your item weight 2 kg or more you will pay 7,99 USD.  
  • We also ship to countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa on a fee based on 19 USD
  • If you can't find a shipping options that suits you, please contact us, we'll work on a personalized shipping option.
Estimated shipping time from order confirmation is 7 days. As soon as we ship your order, we will send you a tracking number so you can follow up the status of your order. Please allow us 1-2 business days to send you the tracking number. 
We use Shopmeaway (an export and import company based in Senegal), to ship from Dakar to Paris. From Paris, we use  UPELA for all our shipments. UPELA partners with other carrier services such as USPS and Fedex. 
Please note that weather can sometimes effect the delivery date. Nevertheless, we will always keep you notified.
If you have any questions, please use the contact box below, or send us a Facebook message. We are always here to help!