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How KEARA Reflects a Connected World & How We Are Making a Difference

Posted by Adriana Valcarce on

The fashion world has taken a hit in the press within the last few years in regards to its ethical compass. Between Lady Gaga’s meat dress to Urban Outfitters’ regular press-worthy scandals, this industry may seem hopeless to general public! However, independant brands like KEARA are changing the status-quo one bag at a time. At its heart, KEARA works to create high-quality products that reflect our high standards within the emerging African luxury goods market. We are proud of our process from conception to consumer. Here are five ways that KEARA is making the world a better (and more stylish) place:

  1. Our Concept
  • KEARA’s foundation places it at the centre of a globalising world. Each day, our vast world seems to get smaller and smaller through international travel, exported goods, and the web. Cultures are blending and our bags reflect that. We import materials from Bolivia, Spain and the United States. Our bags are crafted in Senegal - West Africa, and take inspiration from the local culture as well as our founder’s native South American culture. By blending the different cultures that reflect a connected world, KEARA is more relevant now than ever.

      2. Our Team

  • The KEARA team is always full of surprises! Their ambition, dedication, and talent is what keeps the brand alive and thriving. Adriana Valcarce, our founder, is a cosmopolitan advocate for early learning who has traveled internationally with UNICEF to support the cause. She partnered with some of the best Senegalese artisans, who each bring their own expertise and experiences, to create KEARA.

       3. Our Production

  • We handcraft our beautiful bags in the heart of Dakar, Senegal. With such a rich and lively culture in our city, we do not leave our personalities at the door! Rather, we find inspiration from the people and nature around us and embed it in our designs. We are proud of the ethical standards to which we hold the production in our workshop.

       4. Our Community

  • Our bags have found homes around the world, whether it be a blogger in Paris, or Barcelona, a show in Amsterdam or a market in Los Angeles. We collaborate with people and organisations who also take an interest in sustainable fashion and work together to make our mark on the industry.

       5. Our Goals

  • For a young brand, KEARA has already accomplished so much. But we’re not stopping there! We have big dreams, and with our amazing team and community, we plan on making them happen. What’s next? We are working with the government of Senegal to set up a training center / workshop that will contribute to the luxury leather sector in Senegal. We hope to gain more media and boutique placement, in order to share our story throughout the world. Stay tuned! You’ll be glad you did.

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